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Are modern camera lenses afraid of magnets?

Camera for photography enthusiasts and some media friends essential, every day to deal with, there are friends will ask, the camera is afraid of magnets? Today we are now on the camera lens afraid of magnets? Can not be in long-term contact with magnets and other issues to talk to you.

For today's digital cameras, the lens is usually not afraid of magnets, the following is a more detailed introduction.

1. Most of the lenses of digital cameras nowadays are made of non-magnetic materials, such as plastic, aluminum, etc., which are not attracted to magnets.

2. Even though a small number of lens surroundings may contain ferrite, they will not be significantly affected due to the limited space inside the lens and the long distance between the important parts and the magnet.

Curved sectioned neodymium magnets for camera lenses

Curved sectioned neodymium magnets for camera lenses

3. Nowadays, most of the lens autofocus motors use stepping motors or sonic motors, which do not contain ferromagnetic materials and will not be interfered by magnets.

4. Even if the magnet is close to the camera, the effect is limited to the focusing function, and will not affect the image quality.

5. Camera internal anti-magnetic design, such as magnetic shielding layer, can reduce the impact of external magnetic field on the internal circuit components.

So in simple terms, digital camera lenses are no longer as afraid of magnets as mechanical camera lenses used to be, and there is no need to worry too much when using them. But to prevent accidents, it is still recommended to avoid the lens being close to strong magnetic fields.

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