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What does magnetism 4500 mean? How much suction power is it?

When looking at Baidu's statistics in the morning, I saw some netizens asked such a question about magnets. What does magnetism 4500 mean? How much suction power is it? Let me introduce you to this issue.
Magnet magnetism 4500 generally refers to its magnetic strength, namely 4500 Gauss (gs), which is a high-strength magnet. At present, it can only be achieved by neodymium iron boron, and the performance grade usually needs to be greater than or equal to N45. Magnets of this strength are mostly used in wall-breaking machines, magnetized water heaters, and magnetic therapy equipment.
4500 gauss magnet

How big is the 4500gs magnet?

Here are a few sample examples for your reference, N52/F25*10*10, N48/D12*30, N42/D6.4*6.6, N48/D8*5, N42/D8*8, in short, it must reach 4500gs , The magnet must have a certain thickness.

How much suction is equal to the magnetism 4500?

There is no direct conversion formula between the magnetic strength of a magnet and the attractive force of the magnet. The attractive force varies according to the size and shape of the magnet.
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