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Can neodymium magnet nickel plating withstand salt spray test for 72 hours?

Galvanizing and nickel plating are common in the selection of Nd-Fe-B high-strength magnet coatings. Some customers will ask when selecting the coatings that nickel plating on magnet can pass 48 hours salt spray test. I need to endure longer salt spray test such as 72 hours. Is nickel plating okay?
Can Nd-Fe-B magnet nickel plating withstand salt spray test for 72 hours?
Nd-Fe-B magnet nickel plating
Nickel plating is difficult. Some customers have high requirements for salt fog resistance and acid and alkali resistance, such as 72 hours resistance. At this time, they can choose Perrin coating, which is more guaranteed.
Some people still have questions. Why not recommend epoxy?
Salt fog resistance 72 hours, nickel plating and epoxy are not guaranteed, so the recommendation of Parylene.
If you need salt fog resistance for 12 hours, zinc plating is recommended. At present, zinc plating can be divided into white zinc, blue zinc, blue zinc, color zinc and black zinc. At present, the market salt spray test of white zinc 16 hours: blue zinc 24 hours: color zinc 48 hours: black zinc 12 hours.

It is generally recommended that customers use nickel plating after 48 hours of salt spray. At present, the basic process of zinc plating is nickel-copper-nickel, which can ensure that the magnet is not damaged in the case of corrosion.
Above, we introduce to you whether Nd-Fe-B magnet nickel plating can withstand 72 hours of salt fog test and the recommendation of customers for salt fog resistance hours. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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