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Lift traction machine arc magnet 60mm height N42SH

Material:Sintered neodymium/ndfeb


Appearance:Silvery white



Tolerance:+ / - 0.05mm

Packing:Standard sea or air freight

Pull Force:No test

Delivery Time:10-20 days

Place Of Origin:Mainland China

Working Temperature:<150℃

Magnetizing Direction:Radial direction

Surface Magnetic Strength:Greater than 2020 gauss

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Curved magnets in lift traction machines (also known as lifts or lifts) are commonly used as braking and safety devices in lift systems. These curved magnets are a key component of a lift's braking system, and they achieve braking by generating a magnetic field to ensure that the lift is safe and secure when it stops or comes to a halt. The following is an introduction to arc magnets in lift tractors:

Braking principle: The braking principle of arc magnets is based on electromagnetic induction. When the lift needs to stop or decelerate, the lift system charges the arc magnet through the power supply. This causes the arc magnet to generate a strong magnetic field. At the same time, the brake shoes (also known as brake blocks or brakes) on the lift, which are usually made of iron, are located at the bottom of the lift car.

How the brake works: When the lift needs to be stopped, the magnetic field of the curved magnet attracts the brake shoe and brings it into contact with the lift's guide rails or the walls of the lift shaft. This contact creates friction that brakes or slows down the lift car, eventually stopping it in the desired position.

Safety: The safety of lift braking systems is of paramount importance as they ensure that the lift can be stopped safely in the event of an unexpected situation. Curved magnets are used as part of the braking mechanism to effectively brake the lift in the event of a power failure or other emergency, preventing unintended movement.

Electrical control system: The lift's electrical control system is responsible for controlling the energisation and de-energisation of the arc magnets for precise braking and stopping. These systems are usually managed by the lift's controller or electrical control unit.

Design Flexibility: The design of arc magnets can be adapted to suit different types and sizes of lift systems, depending on the model and manufacturer's requirements. Different lift applications may require different sizes and shapes of arc magnets.

Dongguan Courage Magnetoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese magnet manufacturer specializing in the production of strong neodymium magnets, ceramic ferrite magnets, motor multipole magnets. We have cooperated with many customers for many years, mainly for the following reasons:

1, We are good at processing high performance, high precision, high difficulty magnet, especially in the field of DC motor magnet, have strong professional knowledge, experience.

2, We have a professional production, sales, design team, based on the industry for more than 14 years.

3, We have advanced magnet production and testing equipment, according to customer requirements to design, production of special requirements of magnet products,

4. The company's products have passed SGS, ROHS, REACH certification and a complete ISO9001 quality management system, specializing in providing high-quality permanent magnet products to customers in various countries.

5. Experience in serving Western, Asian and North American companies, we also have close ties with other regions, fedex or DHL can deliver,

6, Even if our customers do not know much about magnets, we will help and provide accurate product solutions.

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Courage Magnet Manufacturer Magnet Testing Certificate & Report

You may be interested in these magnet problems (Q&A) ;

1、Could you give me some magnet samples?

Yes, we have magnets in stock to help you get samples as soon as possible.

2、How long will it take me to get a reply to your email or inquiry?

We will contact you as soon as possible within 12 hours.

3、Why don't the magnets on your company website say the price?

Magnets belong to functional products, most customers have different requirements for magnets, such as material, shape, performance, tolerance, temperature resistance, purchase quantity, etc., we can customize processing according to your requirements, so we need to clarify your specific needs and then give you a quote.

4、Do you guarantee the quality of your magnet products?

We have ISO,SGS and REACH certifications. If necessary, we can send you relevant materials.

5、May I come and visit your magnet factory?

Sure. We'll show you around our factory if you want.

6、What is your delivery time?

See if there is spot stock, if there is immediately can be arranged to send, if there is no need to process in 10-30 days or so, depending on what kind of magnet.

More Questions and Answers about Magnets:

Courage magnet manufacturer magnet packaging and delivery method:

China Courage magnet manufacturer magnet packaging and delivery method

The magnets we make are mainly delivered to you by sea or air. The packaging is generally neutral packaging, shielded packaging, vacuum packaging, pallets, etc., which can be packed according to your requirements.


a: Express (TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.), air freight, sea freight.

b: The weight is less than 40Kgs. We suggest sending it to you by shield box.

c: It weighs between 40 kg and 100 kg. It can be expressed or shipped by air.

d: The weight is over 100 kg. We suggest sea transportation.

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