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What is the role of the magnet in magnetic glasses? Are they harmful?

Recently, I gradually began to contact the magnetic glasses through customers, I can not imagine that the glasses are also used on the magnet, so what is the role of the glasses with a small magnet? Will it bring side effects to the human body?

Magnetic foldable eyeglasses usually use small round or square magnets, made of neodymium iron boron.

Pictures of magnet positions in magnetic eyeglasses

Pictures of magnet positions in magnetic eyeglasses

What is the purpose of magnets in magnet eyeglasses?

Magnets in magnetic eyeglasses serve to hold and attach the frame. Typically, these eyeglasses are designed with small magnets embedded between the nosepiece and the temples of the frame in order to hold the two together, thus making the eyeglasses more stable and convenient for the wearer.

Will it be harmful to the human body? 

As for whether the magnets in magnetic eyeglasses are harmful to the human body, they are generally not directly harmful to the human body. When wearing magnetic eyeglasses, the magnets usually do not come into direct contact with the human skin, but are held in place by the frame of the eyeglasses. Therefore, under normal use, wearing magnetic eyeglasses will not cause any danger to human body.

The above is about the magnet in the magnetic glasses in the magnet part of the concern more 2 points, if you need to buy neodymium iron boron small magnet welcome to contact us to give you a quote.

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