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How to cut high strength magnets?

There are magnet problems, welcome to the courage magnet manufacturers magnet Q&A column, the column currently brings together hundreds of magnet FAQs, today to answer the question of how to cut high strength magnets, what do I need to pay attention to?

Cutting high-strength magnets (such as neodymium magnets) requires the use of appropriate tools to ensure accuracy and safety. Here are some common tools suitable for cutting high-strength magnets:

1. Tungsten steel or cobalt tungsten steel cutters:

These hard, wear-resistant cutters are ideal for cutting high-strength magnets, especially rare-earth permanent magnets such as neodymium-iron-boron and samarium-cobalt, which maintain sharp cutting edges and provide long service life.

2. Sharpening machines:

Grinding machines with diamond or silicon carbide grinding wheels can be used to cut high-strength magnets, and this method is suitable for cutting tasks that require precise shapes and sizes.

3. EDM Wire Cutting Machine: 

For complex shaped magnets, EDM wire cutting machine is an effective option that uses an electric spark discharge to cut the magnet material into the desired shape.

Customized convex block neodymium magnets;

Customized convex block neodymium magnets

4. Water jet cutting: 

Water jet cutting technology can be used to cut high strength magnets, especially for larger and thicker magnet parts. This method uses a high-pressure water jet and abrasive mixture to cut the material.

5. Grinding:

Grinding is a method of grinding materials off with a grinding wheel or belt, and can also be used for the processing of high-strength magnets. This method can be used for fine machining and finishing work.

6. Laser cutting:

Laser cutting is a high-precision cutting method suitable for various materials, including high-strength magnets, and laser beams can accurately cut complex shapes.

When cutting high-strength magnets, coolant should be used to cool both the tool and the workpiece, which helps minimize heat damage and extend tool life.

Whichever tool you choose, make sure you take appropriate safety measures when cutting high-strength magnets, including wearing safety glasses and gloves to prevent eye and skin injuries from flying magnet fragments. It is also advisable to take precise measurements and markings beforehand to ensure that you get magnet parts of the required size. If you do not have the necessary skills or equipment, it is best to leave the cutting task to a professional magnet fabrication service provider.

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