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Why is four pairs pole magnet placed on the encoder?

For magnetic encoder, the magnet is indispensable, mainly used for measurement or position detection, see a netizen help asked why the encoder to put a four pairs pole magnet? Today to briefly introduce, if not right please correct.

Placing four pairs of pole magnets on the encoder may be due to the following considerations:

1、Four pairs of poles magnet (8 poles) can produce relatively smooth and continuous changes in the sine wave magnetic field signal.

2, compared with a single pair of poles or two pairs of poles, four pairs of poles of the output signal higher precision, better resolution.

3, four pairs of poles are also suitable for use with Hall sensors, a Hall element can collect four independent signals.

Construction of magnetic encoders;

Construction of magnetic encoders

The placement of four-pair pole magnets in encoder design is of great significance. They not only improve the accuracy, resolution and stability of the encoder, but also realize a variety of encoding methods, enhancing efficiency and reliability. This innovative design opens up a wider field of application for encoders and promotes the development of measurement and control systems. In the future, we can expect more innovative breakthroughs and applications in encoder technology.

Introduction to relevant encoder magnets;

How many magnetic pole is the most on the encoder?

Function and Application of Magnets in Encoders

Recommendation for magnetic encoder magnets;

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