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Are magnets a kind of iron?

Many people will ask, is the magnet iron? Is a magnet a kind of iron? I don’t know if you ever asked,  have you ever searched it on Baidu?  Now let's discuss whether the magnet is iron or not.
A lot of people think that magnets are iron, but they're not. Magnetite is magnetic and its main component is ferric oxide. There are a variety of artificial magnets, strong magnetic is artificial neodymium (NdFeB) magnets, it is a permanent magnet, from the production process, the cost of iron magnets cost much lower, neodymium magnets are a kind of rare earth, this material is more expensive, in this sense, the magnet it is not iron.
Since it's not iron, it doesn't have the properties of iron. Magnets break easily. Iron doesn't.
Magnetic materials mainly have two categories, the first type is permanent magnetic materials (also known as hard magnetic), the material itself has the characteristics of preserving magnetic force
The second is soft magnetism, which requires electricity from the outside to produce magnetic force.
Permanent magnet materials also have two categories, the first category is alloy permanent magnet materials including rare earth permanent magnet materials (NdFeB Nd2Fe14B), samarium cobalt (SMCO), neodymium nickel cobalt (Ndnico);
The second category is: Ferrite permanent Magnet material (Ferrite) according to the production process is divided into: sintering Ferrite (Sintered Ferrite), bonding Ferrite (Rubber magnetic Magnet), injection molded ferrite.
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