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What are the problems of rare earth Nd-Fe-B no electroplating?

Usually we see or buy NdFeB strong magnet with color, that is, electroplated. Some netizens have such a question. What are the problems of non electroplating of neodymium magnet?
1、 The appearance of NdFeB magnet without plating is ugly and easy to hurt hands
Nd-Fe-B will not be chamfered when it is not electroplated. The edges of the non chamfered magnets are sharp and easy to hurt hands. Some customers who are in urgent need of magnet samples and are not electroplated need to pay attention to their use.
2、 Non electroplating of neodymium magnet is easy to corrode and affects its service life
Because NdFeB magnet has a large number of iron components, without the protection of coating, it is easy to rust and corrosion, and it will affect its magnetic force for a long time.
The above is about the two problems that will occur when the neodymium iron boron strong magnet is not electroplated. On the contrary, there is no effect when the ferrite permanent magnet is not electroplated. It can be electroplated and painted.

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