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What does N40 grade magnet mean? What is the Gauss of NdFeB N40?

Each kind of material magnet has different brand (grade). This friend who often deals with magnets will know. Someone asked Xiaofu, what's the meaning of N40 magnet? What is the Gauss of NdFeB N40? Let's talk about this article today.
What does N40 magnet mean?
N40 neodymium magnet
First of all, we can know from the N35 magnet that it is a neodymium iron boron magnet with high temperature resistance of no more than 80 ℃. Why? Because NdFeB magnets start with N, and they are divided into N, m, h, SH, uh and eh grades. Each grade has different high temperature resistance. N40 is only one of the performance grades of NdFeB magnet, and 40 represents the maximum magnetic energy product. For magnets of the same specification, the larger the number behind n represents the stronger the magnetic force, and the more expensive the price is. Currently, N40 is a commonly used grade in the market.
What is the Gauss of NdFeB N40?
It has been introduced countless times before about this problem. The Gauss size of magnet does not really reflect the real magnetic pull of magnet. It is related to the material, performance grade, specification size, thickness and other factors of magnet. If you still want to know the Gauss of N40 magnet, the small part will be listed for your reference.
N40h / Ni / D4 * 1.8, magnetic field strength: 3160gs
N40 / Ni / F25x17x3mm, magnetic field strength: 3200gs
N40 / Ni / D6 * 3, measured magnetic 3220gs
N40 / zinc / D70 * d30 * 3, surface magnetic 1020gs
N40 / Zn / 18.2 * 8.1 * 4.7, surface magnetism 3260gs
N40 ring / Ni / d22.23 * d4.76 * 25.44560gs
The difference between the magnetic properties of N35 and N40 is a little bit. You can choose conventional properties on demand. If you can't meet the requirements, you can choose higher properties grade such as n42, N45, N48, N50, etc.

N40 magnet products;
N40 Super small magnet 1mm x 0.5mm

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