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What types of permanent magnets can conduct electricity?

Can a magnet conduct electricity? Which permanent magnets can conduct electricity and which cannot? What is the principle? Today, Neodymium magnet supplier Courage Magnet Xiaofu will introduce it to you.

Permanent magnets commonly used rare earth neodymium strong magnets (NdFeb), ceramic ferrite (black magnetic) magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, aluminum nickel cobalt magnets, iron chromium cobalt magnets, these magnets have "iron" word, then whether they can conduct electricity? What about the resistivity?

Neodymium iron boron magnets themselves usually do not have good conductivity. Although the iron element in them is conductive, the overall structure and chemical composition of neodymium iron boron magnets result in low conductivity. Nickel plating can improve conductivity.

Large inner dia hole ring neodymium magnets

Large inner hole ring neodymium magnets

The iron oxide in the ferrite magnet is an insulator, and the dominant position is not generally conductive,

Samarium cobalt alloy is a common permanent magnet material composed of elements such as Samarium and Cobalt. It contains conductive metal components and has certain conductivity, but it is relatively low. It is usually not suitable for applications that require high conductivity. Treatment with conductive coatings such as nickel plating can be considered.

Aluminum nickel and cobalt in aluminum nickel-cobalt magnets are conductive materials, and they all belong to metal elements, so they have good conductivity.

The chromium and cobalt elements in the ferrochrome-cobalt alloy are conductive materials themselves, but when combined with the iron element, they form a magnetic lattice structure that limits the free conduction of current, which leads to the overall low conductivity of the ferrochrome-cobalt magnet, which is mainly used for permanent magnet applications, rather than as part of the conductive circuit.

Among these five types of magnets, not all can conduct electricity, like ferrite magnets can not conduct electricity, the remaining four magnets can conduct electricity, the conductivity is determined according to the composition contained in the magnet itself.

The resistivity of these conductive magnet materials is also relatively high. In the range of about 10^6 to 10^10 Ω·m.

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Note: Magnet surface coating nickel copper nickel conductivity is good, black epoxy coating is not conductive oh.

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