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Is the magnet 2000 Gauss strong?

When we describe how much magnetic force a magnet needs, we usually use Gauss as the unit. For example, the magnetic force of our magnet needs to reach more than 3000gs, or the magnetic force value is 800-1200gs, but Gauss is not a standard international unit, and the standard international unit is Tesla, 1 Tesla = 10000gs. We need to understand this so as to convert,
I recently met a magnet problem from a netizen. Is the magnet 2000 Gauss strong?
2000 gauss magnet
Many people will misunderstand that the larger the Gauss value of the magnet, the stronger the magnetic force (suction) of the magnet. In fact, this is wrong. The Gauss of the magnet is related to the material, area, thickness, etc. for example, the same specification of NdFeB strong magnet and ceramic ferrite magnet, there is no doubt that NdFeB will have stronger magnetic field, but if the specifications are different, namely Make the Gauss value of NdFeB larger, the Gauss value of ferrite magnet smaller, and the magnetic force of ferrite may be stronger. Why? Because a larger mass (volume) produces a larger magnetic field.
Back to the question, is the magnet 2000 Gauss strong? From 2000 Gauss, it can be judged as rare earth neodymium iron boron material, because ferrite can not reach such high surface magnetism basically, which is not strong for neodymium iron boron magnet, because neodymium iron boron magnet can reach more than 10000 Gauss at most, and the commonly used magnet specifications on the market are also 3000-4000 Gauss, but there are also special, how special, that is to say, when the specifications and sizes of magnets are large, It's very strong to be able to reach 2000 Gauss, so when asking such questions, it's better to specify the magnet specifications.
What's more, it should be noted that the Gauss strength of magnets is not cumulative. For example, a magnet has 3000gs, and a product has 10 such magnets, not 30000 Gauss. However, the more magnets in the product means that the closer the distance between magnets, the more uniform the magnetic field will be.
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