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How high working temperature can the injection plastic magnet withstand?

Before the injection molding magnetic article also introduced some, today to share is about the injection molding magnetic maximum use temperature.
The maximum operating temperature of injection magnets depends on the magnetic powder and binder used. For example, a combination of ferrite powder with nylon 6 or PPS can pass the 180℃ test. Nylon 12 melts when the temperature is above 170℃, so it is not recommended to use nylon 12 if the designed operating temperature of the magnet exceeds 150℃.
Magnetic parameters for injection molding, including the highest operating temperature.
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Take the ndfeb magnetic powder with high magnetic energy product as an example, if its intrinsic coeric force is 9500 oste (760kA/m), no matter which binder is used, the magnetic properties of the material will show significant irreversible loss at more than 120℃.
The above is about "how high temperature can the injection molding magnet withstand?" Introduction, the article belongs to courage magnet FAQ column.

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