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How many hours of salt spray test can Ndfeb galvanizing be done?

Do you ndfeb magnet galvanized can pass 48 hours salt spray? Many customers asked, Since contact with the magnet industry, the client used ndfeb magnet is mostly galvanized nickel plating more, usually the customer requirements of salt spray test is 48 hours, some will also require higher, such as 72 hours or 96 hours.

Can neodymium magnet zinc plating pass the salt spray test for 48 hours?
ndfeb magnet galvanized

Speaking of galvanizing, we should first understand the types of magnet galvanizing. At present, galvanizing is divided into many kinds, including white zinc, blue zinc, blue zinc, color zinc and black zinc. It can withstand 12 - 48 hours neutral salt spray test.

If the magnet needs 48 hours of salt spray, customers are generally recommended to use nickel plating. At present, the basic process of nickel plating is nickel-copper-nickel, and the appearance is brighter than zinc.

Guess your concern: Nd-Fe-B magnet galvanizing and nickel plating have an impact on magnetism?
It doesn't matter. Magnet coating mainly from corrosion and rust, and then is the use of the hand is not easy to cut, will not affect the magnetic force.

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