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What are the commonly used thicknesses of ferrite sheets (flexible magnetic sheets)?

Ferrite is a non-metallic magnetic material, also known as iron oxide. Its manufacturing process is mainly composed of ferric oxide and various other metal oxides. Its relative magnetic permeability can reach several thousand. The resistivity is 1011 times that of metal, and the eddy current loss is small, which is suitable for making high frequency electromagnetic devices. It is now a non-metallic magnetic material that is widely used in the field of high frequency and low voltage.
There are also many kinds of ferrites. Among them, permanent ferrite is also a commonly used material, mainly because it can retain strong magnetic properties for a long time, can be used for a long time and generate magnetic field, which is also called permanent magnet oxygen.
Ferrite sheet is used for NFC antenna to resist metal shielding interference, magnetic film to enhance the sensitivity of receiving signal, 13.56MHZ antenna ferrite sheet / film a high temperature sintered ferrite material. In handheld devices such as NFC payment mobile phones, the main function of the electronic tag is to reduce the absorption of the signal magnetic field by the metal material, and the ferrite film itself is a high-temperature sintered ferrite material, which is effectively increased by increasing the magnetic field strength. Sensing distance.
RFID|NFC anti-metal material ferrite sheet is a functional composite material mainly absorbing electromagnetic waves, eliminating back and forth reflection of electromagnetic waves in the shield cavity, reducing the interference of clutter on its own equipment, and effectively preventing electromagnetic radiation from surrounding equipment and Interference and injury of personnel is an advanced means of eliminating electromagnetic wave pollution.
The commonly used thickness of ferrite sheet includes: 0.08mm 0.1mm 0.2mm 0.3mm, where NFC ferrite sheet is located, flexible magnetic finger sheet, non-sintered ferrite hard magnetic sheet. Its one-sided backbone is soft, the product is smooth and ultra-thin in thickness ranging from 0.15mm to 0.5mm. The permeability of NFC ferrite sheet can reach 35 at 13.56MHz electromagnetic wave frequency. The function of NFC soft magnetic sheet in NFC equipment is roughly two or one isolation. Metal prevents the skin effect between communication wave and metal from losing electromagnetic energy, and increases the positive energy of magnetic field (magnetic field intensity), which makes the response sensitivity between Reader (reader) and a Transponder (transponder) high and the reading distance long.
The above is about the common thickness of ferrite sheets, which is sorted by courage network department and attributed to the magnet problem column.

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