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What are the advantages of neodymium magnet epoxy coated?

On the strong magnet coating is common is galvanized, nickel plating. Epoxy resin is believed to have many friends do not understand, some may not have seen or heard of this coating for the first time, today small make up to give you a detailed introduction, hope to help you, if you want to do epoxy resin magnets customers welcome to consult plus Q.
Epoxy resin is in the ndfeb magnet after nickel plating on the outside of a layer of resin paint, epoxy resin electrophoresis divided into metal electroplating (nickel/copper) primer + epoxy resin electrophoresis layer and directly on the magnet substrate epoxy resin coating.
epoxy coating magnet
What are the main USES of epoxy coated magnets?
As far as xiaofu knows, it is mainly used in strict elevator, compressor, motor and other fields.
The point is, what are the characteristics of epoxy coated magnets?
1. High temperature resistance: 380℃. (temperature resistance of non-magnet)
2, solvent resistance.
3. Multiple colors. What we usually see is black epoxy, and there are other colors, but not very often, like gray, red, and other colors.
4. No hanging points.
5. Salt spray resistance for 72 hours.
6. Coating thickness is 15-25um.
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