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What is a multi-pole magnetic ring? What kind of materials does it have?

Multipole magnetic ring is a kind of ring magnet used in the field of motor. It means that a magnet is filled with many magnetic poles, larger than 2 poles. Generally, a professional magnetizing coil is used for magnetizing. Each magnetizing coil is normally filled with a magnetic ring of a specification.
The above is an introduction to what is a multipolar magnetic ring, and what are its material types? Here is a brief introduction.
According to the different materials, the multipolar magnetic rings can be divided into neodymium iron boron multipolar magnetic ring, ferrite multipolar magnetic ring, rubber multipolar magnetic ring and samarium cobalt multipolar magnetic ring. The first three kinds are relatively common.
Among the above multipolar magnetic ring materials, the most powerful one is the multi-stage magnetic ring of NdFeB magnet material. Among the magnets, NdFeB magnet, known as "king of magnetism", has a high remanence. In the multipolar magnetic ring, the magnetic force of the same specification and pole is also the strongest. It is mainly used in the field of high performance permanent magnet motor and sensor. In addition, according to the different process, the NdFeB multipolar magnetic ring can be divided into sintered NdFeB multipolar ring and bonded NdFeB multipolar magnetic ring.
The cost of rubber magnetic multipole ring and ferrite multipole ring is relatively low, but the magnetic force is also relatively weak. At present, the most widely used products are round magnetic grid, water pump motor, sweeper, etc.
Samarium cobalt multipole magnetic ring is the highest temperature resistant multipole magnetic ring. The highest temperature of this material can reach 350 degrees, which is the best magnet used in high temperature environment.
As for the number of poles of multi pole magnetic ring, it is also different according to different customers, and the maximum can be hundreds of poles.
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