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What type of glue can be used on permanent magnets?

As an old magnet supplier, we often meet some customers who ask us about the adhesives used for rare earth magnets. The questions are: what kind of glue should I use to stick neodymium magnets? What are the best adhesives for permanent magnets? Let's share with you.

First of all, you should fully understand your magnet, such as the magnetic strength. If possible, make a hole on the object to be glued to fix the magnet before applying the glue. In general, NdFeB is nickel plated to prevent oxidation. This kind of coating is very smooth on the surface of magnet. If possible, before adhesive, treat the lower surface to make them rough enough. Another is the maximum working temperature of the magnet (magnets of different brands have different working temperatures), and high temperature will make the magnet demagnetize, so we must fully understand this point.

Second, choose glue, you should pay more attention to the application environment. Different adhesives are used in different environments. For example, temperature, humidity, whether the environment is greasy or not, you should glue the manufacturer's every detail about your product, and ask them to recommend the most suitable one for you.

What are the best adhesives for permanent magnets?

epoxy glue
Acrylic resin AB adhesive
urethane acrylate resin 
Loctite ® bonded magnet structural adhesive (can be used on ferrites, alnico and NdFeB magnets, with fast and durable bonding strength.)
Hy-303 adhesive (mainly used for various plastic products, such as metal, ABS, PVC, ordinary plastics and other plastic materials, such as: metal to ABS adhesive, plastic to metal adhesive, metal to wood glue, various plastics to each other, and other different materials to each other for fast adhesion, with strong adhesion.)
These kinds of glue are commonly used for permanent magnets. Of course, there are many kinds of glue. You can choose the glue suitable for you according to your actual needs.
Warm tip: we only provide magnets but not magnet glue. If you need glue, please contact the glue manufacturer.

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