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How are permanent magnets used for beneficiation? Do you know?

As we all know, many mineral resources are symbiotic, that is, there are many different minerals mixed together in the mined ore, which have different magnetism. With this feature, people have developed a professional beneficiation equipment - a magnetic separator equipped with permanent magnets,

By using the different magnetism and magnetic strength of minerals with different components, and attracting these substances by permanent magnet, the attraction of them will be different. As a result, the mixed minerals with different magnetism can be separated to realize magnetic beneficiation.
Ore dressing magnet

Xiaofu's contact beneficiation magnets are mainly made of ferrite and neodymium iron boron. There are many magnets on one machine!

The above is about how the permanent magnet is used for beneficiation, there is a demand for beneficiation machine magnet (NdFeB  ferrite), please contact us!

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