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Which sensors require use magnets?

Some netizens asked, what kind of sensor needs magnet? The following xiaobian finishing, hope to help you!

Non contact sensors use magnetic materials. Such as Hall sensor, automobile position sensor, motor speed sensor, weighing sensor, security alarm sensor, magnetostrictive displacement sensor, automobile brake sensor, automobile wheel speed sensor, magnetic control sensor, speed sensor, water flow sensor, inductive magnetic sensor, inductive sensor, etc.

(The diagram is a typical Hall sensor to realize positioning application - two magnets on one wheel pass through the Hall effect sensor.)

The sensor works together with the magnetic steel to detect the magnetic field, or the ferromagnetic material can be detected by adding the magnetic material into the sensor based on this principle.

The magnets used in different sensors are different. There are sintered neodymium iron boron materials, injection molded magnets, ferrite magnetic rings, and bonded ndfeb materials. Welcome to consult and order wholesale!
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