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Which magnets can conduct electricity?

It is said that magnets can also conduct electricity. So which magnets are conductive? What kind of magnet can't conduct electricity? What is the principle? Next, the Courage Magnet Manufacturer will talk about the electrically conductive magnets.
Iron, although the name contains the word'iron', in fact, magnets do not belong to iron entirely, and each material contains different material components, on the physical properties of magnets - Electrical conductivity. Different types of magnets have different conductivity.
We know that magnets include: Nd-Fe-B strong magnet, permanent magnet ferrite, samarium-cobalt magnet, Al-Ni-Co magnet, ferrochromium-cobalt magnet.
However, not all of these five types of magnets can conduct electricity, such as ferrite magnets can not conduct electricity, the remaining four kinds of magnets can conduct electricity, but the conductivity depends on the composition of each magnet itself.
Which magnet conducts electricity better?
Ferrite is generally non-conductive, Nd-Fe-B magnet steel is generally conductive, Fe-Ni-Co, good conductivity. Nickel-plated copper-nickel conductivity of rare earth neodymium magnet is better.

How does the conductivity of Nd-Fe-B magnets compare with that of ordinary wires?

The electrical conductivity of the ndfeb magnet is related to the composition of the magnet, sintering density and temperature. At 20 ° c room temperature, the resistivity of the ndfeb magnet is dozens of times higher than the electromagnetic line, which means the electrical conductivity is dozens of times worse. See the following table for details:
Micro resistivity (20 degrees) the mu Ω cm cm
Ndfeb magnet: 140~160
Copper wire: 1.724 ~ 1.796
Aluminium wire: 2.8 ~ 2.8264

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