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Do magnets affect electricity meters?

First of all, let's look at the working principle of plug-in meter.
Plug-in card meter is IC card prepaid smart meter. It uses IC card as the medium of power transmission. In fact, load control function module is added to the original meter to realize the collection and calculation of electricity.
The core of IC card prepaid smart meter is IC card. IC meter has multiple functions to prevent electricity theft, and its precision is very high. It has built-in imported chips with strong anti-jamming ability. The coils inside are also anti-jamming measures.
Therefore, smart IC card prepaid smart meters, ordinary magnets will not interfere with it, not to mention that the meter box has a lead seal, but only a small window, so you can not carry out further operation inside; as for the use of strong magnetism, I also advise you not to try, if not, the meter will be damaged, and it is illegal.
Let's take a look at the most commonly used teletype meters:
The function and principle of the remote transmission meter are similar to that of IC card meter, but the way of charging and power off is different.
Far-transmission meters are manufactured with the most advanced IC card technology and SMT technology, as well as special power metering chips and microcomputers as the core components. The smart meters adopt the most advanced radio frequency and base station technology in the world, fully sealed, non-contact, dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-attack, anti-stealing, anti-magnetism and anti-interference.
Therefore, the remote intelligent meter is not afraid of ordinary magnets, that is to say, you take a common magnet, will not have any impact on the meter; but if you really want to use strong magnets to test, it may cause damage to the meter, it is illegal to do so, do not receive legal sanctions for a little electricity.
From the above analysis of the two most commonly used watt-hour meters, we can see that ordinary magnets have little effect on the current watt-hour meters, but do not use strong magnets to test, it is possible to directly damage the watt-hour meter.

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