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Which motors or products are multi-pole magnetic rings mainly used on?

Before we talk about what products multipolar magnetic rings are used on, let's talk about what multipolar magnetic rings are.
Multipolar magnetic ring is a special magnetizer used to magnetize the magnetic ring with the required number of poles on the top of the hard magnetic ring material. The magnetizing effect is related to the magnetic ring material used and the performance of the magnetizer. The magnitude of the magnetic energy product and the hysteresis attenuation are all related to the above situation. The motor assembled with multi-pole magnetic ring has the characteristics of smooth operation, low noise and high precision.
What are the main products of multipolar magnetic rings?
Radial multipole bonding ndfeb

Multi-pole magnetic rings mainly include injection-molded magnetic rings, bonded Ndfeb multi-pole magnetic rings and ferrite multi-pole magnetic rings, which are mainly used in various motors. Since it is used in motors, many friends may be worried that it will not be over. Ha-ha, today I will elaborate on which motors and products are mainly used in multi-pole magnetic rings.
Multi-pole magnetic rings are widely used in automotive motors, synchronous motors, brushless motors, vacuum cleaner motors, flat motors, micro-motors, generators, DC motors, lampblack motor, step motor, automatic door motor, electric grinder, water pump motor, servo motor, fan motor, etc. Single-phase motor speed control motor, windowing motor, car seat motor, computer hard disk machine, and many other motor fields.
Supporting common terminal products such as compressors, fans, miniature pumps, dishwashers, sweepers, mahjong machines and various electric tools.
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