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What parts of the car need use injection molding magnets?

With the development of automotive parts precision, lightweight and smart home, the use of injection-moulded magnetic products is more and more, so it is also favored by many magnet manufacturers. Today, the main part that Xiaobian shares is the parts that need to use injection-moulded magnetic in automobiles.
Which parts of the car need injection magnet?
ABS Sensor Magnets
There are still quite a lot of magnets to be used in automobiles, such as Nd-Fe-B strong magnets, injection magnets and bonded Nd-Fe-B, which are several kinds of materials used in automobiles. Nowadays, we don't talk about Nd-Fe-B strong magnets, bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets, but injection magnets.
The application position of injection magnet in automobile includes ABS sensor, seat belt sensor, gear sensor, fan motor of automobile air conditioning, automobile instrument, BSG brushless motor, door inductor of automobile, pump motor, etc.
Above is about the position of injection magnet used on automobiles. If you have customized requirements for injection molded magnet processing, you are welcome to draw and sample.
Magnet manufacturer courage specializes in producing and selling all kinds of injection magnets. Welcome to inquire for samples or quotations.

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