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What kinds of grinding methods are commonly used for magnet blanks?

We all know that magnet manufacturers in the production of magnets, the first is to cut and polish raw materials, there are cylindrical Nd-Fe-B magnet blanks, block Nd-Fe-B blanks. These are all preparations for the magnet manufacturer to produce magnet products in the next step. Do you know what grinding methods are commonly used to process magnet blanks?
The main grinding method of cylindrical magnet blank is cylindrical grinder, Rough grinding and fine grinding of cylindrical magnet blank are carried out. Rough grinding is used to grind the oxide black skin produced during sintering. Fine grinding is carried out within the tolerance range required by customers according to the tolerance requirements of the finished magnet on the order. After cylindrical grinding, the cylinder will enter the next process, magneto optical column. For viscose processing, magnet manufacturers prepare for batch slicing processing.

The figure below is a cylindrical Nd-Fe-B blank.
Magnet blank

The common grinding methods of block Nd-Fe-B magnet blanks are flat grinding, two-end grinding, inner grinding and outer grinding.
The blanks of tile magnet, sector magnet and special-shaped Nd-Fe-B magnet are grinded by multi-station grinder.
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