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What irregular shape can strong ndfeb magnet do?

Many customers who know little about magnets may involve special shaped magnets when developing products. We call them special-shaped magnets. As it is not clear whether the magnets can be processed with special-shaped magnets, customers often ask whether neodymium magnets can be processed with special-shaped magnets. What shapes can you make?
What shapes can ndfeb magnets be made?
Special Shaped NdFeB magnet
Small make up in the magnet factory contact more of the special-shaped strong magnet types: Big and Small Head Magnets, Runway magnet, T-type magnet, Convex magnet, Elliptical magnet, Notched magnetic ring, Polygonal magnet, Comma magnet, semicircular magnet, U-type strong magnet, , etc.
If you need to customize high-strength special-shaped magnets, you are welcome to mail or leave messages online.

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