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What is a high precision magnet?

High-precision magnets, which means high requirements for magnets, such as high performance and high requirements, are mainly embodied in the tolerance, processing difficulty and accuracy of magnets. The commonly said high-precision magnets are mainly manifested in Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials.
The magnetic material can be grinded, electric pulse, wire cutting, grinding and so on.
Normally, the normal standard tolerance of Nd-Fe-B magnets is positive or negative 0.05 mm. With the development of science and technology, some products designed and used by customers become quite strict, so the requirements for magnets are very high. For example, the magnets with diameter 3 only allow tolerance of 2 wires, i.e. 2.98-3.00 mm. Or very thin thickness, such as 0.2mm, 0.3mm, such as customer editors have encountered, useful in automation control, also used in the mirror.
How about the price of high precision magnets?
Processing difficult magnets, manual, scrap rate will be large, the price will be much higher than the ordinary, specific according to the specifications of your magnets, purchase quantity, complexity.
If you have high performance and high precision requirements for magnets, please contact us at Courage Magnet Factory.


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