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Al-Ni-Co magnets Are strong magnets?

About Al-Ni-Co magnet, Xiaofu's previous article "Al-Ni-Co permanent magnet, how much do you know" has a detailed introduction. Friends who want to know can click on the link to view.
The problem with magnets today is whether Al-Ni-Co magnets are strong magnets.
Al-Ni-Co magnet
The picture above shows AlNi-Co magnet steel, which does not require electroplating because of its good rust resistance.
At present, among the magnet materials used in the market, NdFeB magnet has the strongest magnetism, with a maximum resistance of about 220 degrees, followed by samarium cobalt, with a maximum temperature resistance of 350 degrees. Aluminum, nickel, cobalt and ferrite have weak magnetism and are not strong magnets, but their temperature resistance is quite good. This is also a law of magnets, magnetism and temperature resistance are inversely proportional.
Because of the small population, there are relatively few sellers of Al-Ni-Co magnets.
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