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Can a Nd magnet engrave letters or words on its surface?

Hello, I'd like to ask if your magnet manufacturer can make our logo on the surface of the strong magnet. Xiaofu has met several such customers, but they have not been talked about. Most customers mainly want to carve logo and N or S. Can they do this? Let me talk to you today.
Can a Nd magnet engrave letters or words on its surface?
The following is a logo image of a strong magnetic surface (pictures from the Internet)

As we all know, magnets are fragile. One of their characteristics is that the stronger the magnetism, the more brittle it is. So it is not feasible to carve with a knife. Generally speaking, the magnet manufacturer can carve words or patterns by means of radium carving. The effect of radium carving is better than that of carving with sharp objects, and it is not affected by surface hardness. The difficulty is that one magnet must be used for radium carving, which is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, few magnet manufacturers can make radium carving.
As mentioned above, we can know that strong magnetism can engrave LOGO and NS on the surface, but it is more troublesome and will increase the cost of magnets.

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