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NdFeB single-sided magnets

  • Magnet material: ndfeb
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Brief description of single-sided magnet: Don’t mistakenly think that only one side of single-sided magnetism is magnetic. There is no such unipolar magnet in the world. The common single-sided magnets on the market sometimes require strong magnetism on one side of the magnet and weaker magnetism on the other side in the working environment, so it is necessary to wrap one side of the magnet with an iron sheet to shield the magnetism. These types of magnets are collectively called single-sided magnetism, but there is no single-sided magnetism.
The influence of refractive effect of unilateral magnet:
1. Material: Material selection and thickness, as well as the distance between magnet and material are closely related. Pure iron sheet is easy to leak magnetic field, and the refraction will be enhanced after special treatment, but the material of complete shielding has not been studied, but the effect of materials made by different manufacturers is also different.
2. Angle: According to the refraction principle, the arc material has good effect and the right angle material has large refraction loss.
3. Space: The magnetic line in the air is like a cell phone signal, which needs space to refract. If the flashlight lamp pot is completely wrapped in the lamp gun, the use effect is certainly not good, because a lot of light refraction is lost.
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