Injection Molded Magnets

Motor outer rotor magnetic ring

  • Material: Ferrite, binder resin
  • Supplier: Courage Magnet Factory
  • Magnetization mode: Internal magnetization multipole
  • Shelf time: 2019-08-30 14:55:48
  • This product is the plastic magnetic outer rotor magnetic ring of brushless dc mute ceiling fan motor, which is suitable for: brushless dc energy-saving mute industrial ceiling fan and decorative ceiling fan. The results are: energy saving, environmen
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Introduction of injection molding magnetic products;
Injection molding is the composite granulation of magnetic powder and thermoplastic (PA6,PA12,PPS) by Injection molding. Through this process, the magnet is integrated with the core, axis, or other parts of the motor, saving the complex assembly process. In addition to the common iron oxide, there are rare earth injection magnetic magnets that combine with the MQ ndfeb magnetic powder with better magnetic performance. In addition, injection molding magnets will have different temperature tolerance depending on the adhesive used. The temperature tolerance of PPS products can be up to 235℃.
Injection magnetic characteristics;
1. The injection magnetic magnet can be designed with thin wall and abnormal shape, and the magnetic field can be designed with axial, radial or multi-pole magnetic field and compound magnetic field.
2. In the process of injection molding, the iron core, axis or other parts of the motor can be directly put into the integral molding, saving the subsequent assembly cost or complex assembly process.
3. Injection magnet has high precision, good consistency and stable performance, which is widely used in automatic equipment, stepper motor, air conditioner, self-dynamometer, instrument, brushless motor and high-end electrical appliances.
Dongguan courage magnetoelectric technology co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of injection ferrite multipole magnetic ring, injection magnetic rotor, radial multipole magnetic ring, radiation multipole magnetic ring.
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