Ndfeb ring magnet

Relatively thin galvanized ndfeb magnetic ring

  • Product name: relatively thin ndfeb magnetic ring
  • Direction of magnetization: magnetization in the direction of thickness
  • Working temperature: 80-230 ℃
  • Shelf time:2019-05-14 8:32:23
  • This magnet product is galvanized ndfeb ring, the thickness is thin, we can customize according to your specific requirements, such as temperature tolerance, tolerance, coating.
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How does choose and buy proper neodymium iron boron strong force magnet
First, you need to know what kind of working environment your magnet is in.
Two. Requirements for magnetic force and temperature resistance of magnet?
Three, there is the external environment how to choose the magnet required by the magnet coating.
Four, size tolerance, if you purchase the magnet is used for precision instruments above need to pay special attention, the tolerance requirements are strict, otherwise it is difficult to fit in.
The choice of magnetic force can be based on your size to choose the brand, the temperature is specific, below 80 degrees, choose N series, 80 above H series, 120 degrees;SH series, 150;UH series, resistant to 180 degrees;EH and AH above 200 degrees are available;

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