Ndfeb circular magnet

N52 magnet disc dia 40mm x 20mm nickel plating

  • Material:NdFeB
  • Weight: 188.4g
  • Magnetic pull force:69kg/1pcs
  • Shelf time: 2019-10-23 12:12:29
  • The product is n52 grade neodymium magnet with diameter of 40mm. The surface is nickel plated. The center magnetic force is about 3900gs and the magnetic pull is about 69kg. Welcome to consult the magnet price.
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Introduction to the strong magnetic field of NdFeB with a diameter of 40mm * 20MM;
Shape: round, disc
Grade: N52
Tolerance: + 0.1mm
Central magnetic force: about 3960gs
Maximum operating temperature: 80 ° C / 176 ° f
Magnetic pull: 69kg
Price: the price of magnet is related to your quantity, temperature resistance, tolerance, coating, etc. if you need to know the exact price, please contact us.
Note: this magnetic force is very strong, so you need to be very careful when using it.

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