Rubber Magnet

Sweeper magnetic strip, Virtual wall magnetic strip

  • Specification: 25*3mm
  • Material: Rubber Soft Magnetism
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Shelf time: 2019-8-28 9:15:11
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Magnetic "boundary mark" is a passive magnetic Virtual Wall, which is also called magnetic boundary magnetic stripe, Virtual Wall, boundary magnetic stripe and so on. It is used to set the operating range of the sweeper, allowing users to set the operating range of the sweeper freely.
1. The biggest advantage is that there is no need for batteries, so it is called passive, relying on the magnetic sensor in the abdomen of the machine to sense the magnetism to control the machine;
2. The cost is cheaper than the active virtual wall;
3. Can post virtual wall to clean;
4. Keep it simple and where it needs to be.
The sweeper can be equipped with a certain length of magnetic virtual wall, which can be arbitrarily selected according to the use environment (standard is 2 meters), or cut by itself (consult sales staff) or purchased by others.
Instructions for use;
When in use, lay the virtual wall of magnetic stripe flat (note: flat!). It can be fixed with double-sided adhesive tape when necessary. As in the doorway, or under the carpet, when the sweeper walks to the side of the magnetic strip, it will automatically sense and thus work along the magnetic strip without crossing it.

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