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Ferrite Block Magnets

Door magnetic induction square ferrite magnet

  • Material: Sintered Ferrite
  • Specification: Customization
  • Usage: door magnet, smart home, reed
  • Shelf time: 2019-05-31 10:12:25
  • Product Name: Ferrite cutting magnet induction door, if you have similar magnet product needs, please contact us by mail, specifications, etc. can be customized!
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Product Name: Ferrite Cutting Magnetic Induction Door Magnet

Application: reed, door magnetic switch

Magnetization mode: There are three ways of magnetization for ferrite block magnets, namely, thickness magnetization, i. e. the upper and lower two large planes are strong magnetic planes. Side magnetization, i.e. strong magnetic force on both sides. End magnetization, i. e. the area of two ends of length has strong magnetic force. Specific see you use!

Permanent magnet ferrite processing is relatively complex, production and processing requires a mould to produce, permanent magnet ferrite square magnet can be cut according to the specifications and sizes required by customers, at the same time, permanent magnet ferrite magnet can be processed according to customer requirements such as grinding, chamfering, etc., permanent magnet ferrite magnet can not be drilled. For the physical characteristics of non-conductive, it is impossible to carry out WEDM. All special-shaped processing must rely on grinding wheel and fixture for grinding.

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