Multipole Ring Magnets

Radial 4 pole water pump ring ferrite magnet

  • Material: sintered ferrite
  • Direction of magnetization: 4 poles in the radial direction
  • Purpose: fish tank pump motor
  • Shelf time:2019-5-22 11:35:11
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This product is a ferrite magnet, magnetizing way is radial 2 pole, radial 4 pole, magnetic table about 1300 gauss.
Pump magnet, installed in the pump motor, is mainly used to regulate the speed of the pump. At present, most pump motors use permanent magnets to generate magnetic field, and the rotor of the pump mostly uses ferrite anisotropic magnetic rings. The number of magnetization stages is radial external charging 4 poles. If you have the wholesale demand for pump magnetic rotor and radial pump magnetic procurement, please contact us!

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