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Reference of surface magnetic field strength of square ferrite magnet

Square ferrite magnet is one of the most widely used ferrite shapes. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and low price. It is widely used in various scenes and industries. Magnet manufacturers can customize their specifications and sizes with obvious advantages. Today, we are talking about the magnetic field strength of square ferrite.
What is the surface magnetic field strength of square ferrite magnet?
square ferrite magnet
The following data are from the Internet synthesis, all of which are heterosexual ferrite. The Gaussian value is for reference only, and the sample from magnet manufacturer shall prevail.
Y30/F6*6*10mm   1320gs
7mmx9mmx25mm  1600gs
F8*8*11mm  1520gs
10mm x 10mm x 5mm  600gs
20mm x 8mm x 3mm   1000gs
24mm x 10mm x 4mm  1050gs
25mm x 10mm x 6mm  1100gs
25mm x 19mm x 6mm  1125gs
30mm x 20mm x 3mm  800gs
50mm x 12mm x 10mm  1400gs
50mm x 40mm x 4.8mm  1075gs
75mm x 50mm x 20mm  1350gs
150mm x 12mm x 6mm  1200Gs
The above is about the square (rectangular) ferrite surface magnetic field strength introduction, you are welcome to contact us if you need to purchase.

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