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The Main Function of Magnetic Ring in Water Pump Motor

We all know that fish tank pumps, circulating pumps and magnetic pumps all need to use magnets, so what is the main role of magnets (magnetic rings) in pump motors? Which kind of magnets are the most common? Today, the manufacturer of magnets, Courage Xiaofu, will tell you something about the magnets of water pump motors.
Water Pump Motor Magnetic Ring
What role does the magnetic ring play in the pump motor?
The pump magnet is installed in the pump motor to regulate the speed of the pump. The speed of the permanent magnet pump regulator is stable, which can greatly provide the efficiency of the pump motor.
What kind of magnets are used in pump motors?
The ferrite multipole magnetic ring and injection-moulded ferrite are commonly used in pump motors. Sintered ferrite magnetic rings are mostly used as two or four poles, which have the advantages of high reliability, simple installation, stable operation, long service life and good mechanical properties.

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