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Can ferrite magnets be made very long?

Ferrite permanent magnets (general magnets) are widely used in all walks of life with their incomparable advantages, and are deeply loved by customers. The permanent magnet ferrite magnets produced by our company have complete models and parameters, stable performance, specifications, and magnetization. The direction, number of poles, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements. Customers in need are welcome to consult online.

Today’s Magnet Topic: Can Ferrite Magnets Be Long?
Ferrite block magnets

Some customers think that if you want to make a magnet for a few meters, you can make a few meters. Therefore, our customer service is asked about this kind of question from time to time. For example, can you make a magnet with a length of 1 meter? In fact, it is not the same as iron or stainless steel. Magnets cannot be made so long. The length of ferrite magnets can be about 150mm. The ring-shaped ferrite magnets can be made with an outer diameter of about 250mm.

What should I do if I need a long square ferrite magnet?

The way of splicing can be considered.

The above is about the length of ferrite magnets that can be produced. Large rectangular ferrite magnets are usually used in magnetic separation applications to remove ferrous objects from conveyor belts (such as recycling plants).

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Ferrite block magnets

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