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Can NdFeB magnets be laser cut?

In previous articles, we have introduced several mechanical processing methods of magnets, such as slicing, punching, grinding, wire cutting, and special-shaped processing. Today, what are we talking about laser processing? Can NdFeB be processed like this?
Yes, there is currently a neodymium iron boron laser cutting machine on the market that can laser cut neodymium iron boron. According to reports, the laser cutting process not only improves production efficiency, but also the cutting accuracy (product consistency) has also been greatly improved. The traditional wire cutting process greatly reduces the production process and production time, and truly achieves industrialized standardized production. Special shaped strong magnets of different shapes can also be directly molded at one time, but they are not widely used by magnet manufacturers in the market at present.
According to the conclusion of the laser cutting method of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet material: The cutting test of products with different thicknesses shows that laser cutting is applicable to products with a thickness of less than 6mm. When the thickness of the product increases, it is easy to cause defects such as heat-affected zone and blown section. The products come out have quality defects.
The above is a little introduction about neodymium iron boron laser cutting. If there is a need for magnet customization, customers who inquire are welcome to consult the Courage permanent magnet manufacturer.

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