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What is a high performance permanent ferrite magnet?

There have been many introductions about permanent ferrites. Today in this article we mainly talk about high-performance permanent ferrites, including its shape, performance indicators, applications, major manufacturers, and so on.

What is a high-performance permanent ferrite?
High-performance permanent ferrite refers to wet-pressed permanent ferrite with high remanence, high coercivity and high magnetic energy product. Its classification is based on the types and product grades of permanent ferrites produced in my country’s industrial production. The high-performance permanent ferrite defined in "Technical Introduction" refers to the permanent ferrite material with high remanence (Hcb≥270kA/m or Hcj≥318kA/m) or with high coercivity. With the continuous improvement of international and domestic market requirements, the classification standards for high-performance permanent ferrites have been adjusted accordingly to reflect and improve the level of the permanent ferrite industry.

The shape of high-performance permanent ferrite;
It is mainly square, tile, and ring.
What are the main manufacturers of high-performance permanent ferrites?
Ferrite Major Manufacturers
At present, the manufacturers of high-end ferrite magnetic materials in the international market are mainly distributed in China, Japan, and South Korea. Among them, my country's main production companies include Hengdian Dongci, Tiantong Co., Ltd., Jiangfen Magnetic Materials (made by Lingyizhi), Long Magnetic Technology, Sinosteel Tianyuan, etc., and there are few companies participating in international market competition.

Our relevant ferrite products;

Introduction to relevant ferrite;
List of International Famous Manufacturers of Ferrite Magnetic Materials


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