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What is plastic magnetic rotor?

About the plastic magnetic rotor, just Baidu saw what is the plastic magnetic rotor that netizens concerned about? Then, I didn't see a detailed introduction, so this paper introduces the characteristics (advantages) and application of the plastic magnetic rotor.

What is a plastic magnetic rotor?
Plastic magnetic rotor is a composite material which is made of permanent magnetic powder and nylon polymer (PA6, PA12, PPS) at high temperature. Plastic magnetic products of any shape are manufactured by injection molding process with injection molding machine, also known as plastic magnetic rotor. Injection molding neodymium iron boron magnetic rotor and injection ferrite magneton are commonly used on the market.

What are the characteristics (advantages) of plastic magnetic rotor?

1. High dimensional accuracy
2. Good surface finish
3. Good impact resistance
4. Easy assembly and labor cost saving
5. Compared with sintered magnetite, it is not easy to break and notch
6. Due to the injection molding process, the design freedom of product shape is very high

Introduction of application scope of plastic magnetic rotor;
Application of injection magnet in automobile
Plastic magnetic rotor products are mainly applicable to: variable frequency air conditioning, floor type electric fan, range hood, exhaust fan, vehicle speed sensor, vehicle cooling fan, leafless fan, ceiling fan, electroacoustic devices, household appliances, instruments and meters, medical care DC brushless motor and other fields of daily life. The main functions of PMR are energy saving, environmental protection, low noise and low cost.
The above is the whole content of this article. If you have a quotation for the plastic magnetic rotor, please give us the drawings if you need the samples.

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