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What is a high(super) strength magnet? Where is it mainly used?

I often hear customers call our merchandiser to buy high-strength magnets and ask if we can do it here. So what is a high-strength magnet? Where are high-strength magnets commonly used? Today this article will introduce to you.

What is a high(super)strength magnet?
high-strength magnet

According to the company's old employees: high strength magnet refers to neodymium iron boron magnet, which usually refers to the magnet that some laymen don't know, and don't know how to call it a magnet that only knows that they want to have super attraction, and also a magnet called super strength magnet.

Where are high strength magnets usually used?
Generally, high-strength magnets are widely used in mechanical equipment and magnetic therapy products, and are widely used in various industries where the magnetic requirements are relatively high.
Where can I buy high strength magnets?
If you need to buy a small quantity, don't want to customize, you can go to Amazon or Other magnet stores to see if you want to customize specifications. You can find magnet manufacturers for performance. The price depends on your specifications, quantity, processing difficulty, high temperature resistance, etc.

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