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How to store neodymium magnets? You need to know

As we all know, there are two kinds of magnets, natural and artificial, which have strong magnetism. But it has spontaneous magnetization. Therefore, the preservation of strong neodymium magnet is particularly important. How to storing the magnet for a long time? Today, courage magnet is here to share with you the strong magnet preservation skills. What should be paid attention to when storing the strong magnet?

How to security
 store neodymium magnets?
store neodymium magnets

1, ndfeb magnet do not close to the electronic equipment, because the magnet itself has a positive and negative electrode, there is a circuit circuit, close to the influence of electronic equipment and control circuit and affect the use of.
2. Do not store the magnet in a humid environment to avoid oxidation, which may cause changes in appearance, physical properties and magnetic properties.
3, don't put magnets near a floppy disk, hard disk drives, credit CARDS, tapes, record card, TV picture tube, etc. If magnets are placed near devices such as magnetic recorders, the recording data can be affected or even destroyed.

4, Never store or use magnets above their Curie temperature (590°F for Neodymium magnets) to avoid demagnetization.

5, Because the magnetic force is too strong, need to do a good job of magnetic isolation.

6, Keep out of reach of children and pets or lock them if necessary.

7, When placing magnets in the storage box, always make sure they are tightly snuggled with padding (paper, Styrofoam, bubble wraps etc.) in all around, with no room for the magnets to move around. For large sized magnets, always place thick spacer in between every two magnets for stress-free separation. 

If properly preserved, it can maintain magnetism for a long time. If you want to avoid weakening the magnetism of the magnet, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Do not put the magnet around the strong current;
2. The magnet can't be baked on the fire and can't stand the high temperature;
3. The magnet shall not be knocked or vibrated violently;
4. Small magnets cannot be put together with large magnets;

PS: you should always be very careful when storing the magnet, because the magnet will stick together by itself and may hurt your fingers. It is also possible that the magnets themselves may be damaged by collision when they are adsorbed on each other (collision of corners or cracks).

These are some precautions for magnet storage. Whether you are a factory or an individual, it is worth seeing.

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