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How much stronger is N55 neodymium magnet than N52?

The theoretical maximum value of NdFeB magnet (bh) is 512 kj/m3 (64 mgoe). At present, most magnet manufacturers can produce n52 magnet. The (bh) max of n52 has reached 90% of the theoretical limit. The question many users have in mind is, is there a stronger level than the N52 magnet? Today, Xiaofu will introduce it to you.
N55 magnet is the strongest commercial magnet at present. The strength of rare earth neodymium magnet is measured in the range of 24 mgoe-55 mgoe. This grand of neodymium magnet is 5-6% stronger than N52.
How high is the temperature resistance of N55 NdFeB magnets?
In order to ensure the ideal saturation magnetization of N55 magnet, the manufacturer will no longer use heavy rare earth and other metal elements to improve the coercivity of the magnet. The maximum working temperature of N55 magnet is only about 60 degrees Celsius.
Demagnetization curve of N55 permanent magnet
Demagnetization curve of N55 permanent magnet
Note: N55 Neodymium magnet has very strong magnetic force. Any one of them may cause fracture. It should be used with special care.

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