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Why do Neodymium strong magnets need to be chamfered?

Regarding the chamfering of Nd-Fe-B magnets, many people do not understand why the magnets are chamfering. What are the benefits of magnet chamfering? What effect does not chamfer have on magnets? Today, strong magnet manufacturer courage editor up to tell you about the magnet chamfer things.
Why do Nd-Fe-B magnets chamfer?
Neodymium magnet chamfering is the first smooth process of electroplating, mainly in order to grind the right angle around the product to a certain radian according to customer requirements, at the same time, make the surface of black sheet smoother, increase the adhesion of electroplating, make the surface of electroplated coating smoother.
How long does the magnet chamfer last?
The cut black pieces are chamfered on the chamfering machine, which usually takes more than half a day.
What is the effect of non-chamfering Nd-Fe-B magnets?
Without chamfering, it will be impossible to electroplate, or the electroplated surface will easily fall off and affect the quality.
What kind of machine is used for chamfering NdFeB magnets?
With magnet chamfering machine, vibration grinding chamfering, As shown above.

Not only Nd-Fe-B strong magnets can be chamfered, but also ferrite permanent magnets can be chamfered.
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