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How do laymen determine the quality of motor magnets?

Motor magnet, a kind of magnet used in DC motor, often uses N, M, H, SH in electric vehicles. Among them, N material can only play a role in turntable because of its low temperature resistance, which is only 80 degrees. M material temperature resistance 100 degrees, has become the preferred electric vehicle motor; H material temperature resistance 120 degrees, suitable for relatively high-power motors; as for SH material temperature resistance 150 degrees, from 11 years after the price increase of magnets, it has basically disappeared in the electric vehicle industry.
Is there any difference between magnets of the same brand?
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People have 369 grades, meat is divided into five or three layers, the same brand of magnet products will also be different. The first is consistency. In a motor, the number of magnets is 40 +. Only when the magnet mill can stabilize it in a certain range can a uniform magnetic field be formed. Such a motor will have high efficiency. Otherwise, it will fall into the evil of uneven magnetic field, high power consumption, high heating temperature rise, demagnetization of magnets, nearly uneven power consumption increase and continuous temperature rise. Sexual cycle.
Next is the question of dysprosium content. Dysprosium plays a role in magnets just like monosodium glutamate. The amount of Dysprosium added is not much but decisive. It is mainly reflected in the heat resistance. In this case, the so-called temperature resistance refers to the demagnetization of magnetic steel in the hub environment within 2 hours under the test temperature should not exceed the prescribed value, which is generally not more than 3%, and this demagnetization is irreversible, unlike the material of the same brand on the amount of dysprosium, the demagnetization coefficient may be much worse, which coincides with the present thing. The price is nearly 7 million tons, so in order to reduce costs, magnet mills are basically thinking about the amount of dysprosium, which is the main reason why many people feel slower and consume more electricity after riding for several years.
Some people ask, can't see these so-called magnet processing process, also can't determine whether the manufacturer quality and quantity of processing, how to do?
The method is very simple, most of the magnet back-track processing plants can not confirm the sintering process and ingredients of the previous process, but they can master your test data to determine whether it is qualified, so the test data used by consumers to judge whether it is qualified is the quality guarantee period. Brushless DC motors have been used in electric vehicles for nearly twenty years. Among them, the warranty period for electronic components is stipulated as follows: three years for motors, one year for controller batteries and three months for handles. This motor quality guarantee for three years is a rigid regulation, because if your material is qualified and the design is reasonable, there will be no problem in normal operation within three years; if the quality guarantee is less than three years, you can basically judge its Jerry work and material reduction, otherwise it is unreasonable in technology.
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