Company culture

Courage magnet company slogan: do fine, do strong, do professional!

Core philosophy: teamwork, excellence, customer first, continuous improvement.
Teamwork: all departments cooperate with each other, participate in the improvement, strengthen the quality management, and give full play to the team spirit.
Keep improving: strengthen training with professional skills, keep innovating and improve quality to reach a higher level.
Customer first: customer first, sincere service, meet customer needs and expectations, wholeheartedly for customers to deal with problems, create attractive products for customers, so that customers are satisfied with our company's quality, delivery satisfaction, service satisfaction.
Continuous improvement: all departments make use of statistics, collation and analysis to formulate improvement measures, and the company and employees work together to achieve development goals.
Core values: loyalty, justice, morality!
Company mission: innovation!Let every employee live a dignified life!

Companies do: honest and trustworthy, the pursuit of excellence.
Products do: quality first, practical first, do high - quality price products.
Development to do: do good faith communication, considering the actual needs, in the spirit of mutual improvement, friendly cooperation, and strive for innovation, and strive for your satisfaction!
The market achieves: the quality is the product life, the management gives the benefit, cultivates the market!
Management: people-oriented, value talent, service industry, common development!


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