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    Being refined, strong, and professional has always been the corporate philosophy of Courage magnet manufacturers. We are determined not to produce counterfeit and low-grade magnet products, and strive to achieve scale, institutionalization and specialization of enterprises, and produce high-quality products within the industry. Fight for be a leader in the magnet industry. 

    The glory of a company is inseparable from the sweat silently behind the back of employee, let the employees live a dignified life has always been our development purpose. So that having money, house, and cars is no longer the dream of employees,  but a real goal that can be reached!
    Between with employees
    Unity and help each other, sincere cooperation; treat each other with sincerity and peace with each other;
    Communicate at any time, feedback in time, response quickly, pragmatic improvement.
    Between with customers
    Customer first, sincere service; honest and trustworthy, pursuit of excellence;
    Listen carefully and do your best; wholeheartedly and develop together.

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