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NdFeB Shallow Counterbore Hole Pot Magnet

  • Material: sintered ndfeb
  • Coating: nickel copper nickel
  • Features: strong magnetic force, long life
  • Shelf time:2019-05-17 14:32:28
  • Product advantages: nd-fe-b magnetic pot magnetic has a small size, the characteristics of large suction, when vertical adsorption on the surface of the material, can achieve maximum suction.
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Product Name: NdFeB sinking pot magnet
Advantages: Nd-Fe-B magnetic pot magnet has the characteristics of small size and large suction. When it is adsorbed vertically on the surface of material, it can achieve maximum suction. Its suction depends not only on the built-in magnet and the external iron shell structure, but also on the material, thickness, smoothness and friction of the adsorbed surface.
Application area
Magnetic pot magnet can be used in door, automobile ceiling lamp, cabinet and door suction, ceiling fixing, sign and banner, compact parts, fixtures and fixtures, lighting, exhibition, industrial fixtures, etc.
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